Hold from very clever media on Vimeo.

Originally created for the 2012 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project, “Hold” is a film about a man dealing with loss and an automated support system.

A Very Classic Short

Take note! Very Clever’s 2007 award winning short Sing O’Muse is now on the site. Its one of our favorites, and the only one to include a cheerful ditty about the brutal sacking of a city. And we made it only 12 hours! Enjoy.

In case you missed it…

New contest films have been added to the site. Check out Un Duet Dans Les Nuage, our whimsical entry to the 100 Hour Film Race Grand Prix of 2009; and Crosswords, our buddy movie for the 2010 Chicago Film Race.

Film Racing Grand Prix 09: Among the Clouds

greencloud A few weeks ago Very Clever engaged in another round of Film Racing, this time their 100 Hour Grand Prix. Starting with the theme of Privacy, and the prop of a balloon, we created Un Duet Dans les Nuages(A Duet in the Clouds), our French-est film yet. The film stars our friend Chicago commedienne Natalie Kossar, who co-wrote the music as well.

You can watch the film, along with the 50 other Grand Prix entries, and vote for your favorite at the Film Racing Website.

As is often the case in these timed races, there are tweaks we intended that didn’t get made before time ran out, so check back here soon to see our 101 hour cut.

Zombies Go National

asset 4.2 chuck faceVoting is now open for the national finals of the 2009 Film Race.  The winners of 24 Hour Film Races from 20 cities (in the U.S. AND Canada) compete for $40,000 in prizes.

If you have a chance, why not vote for The Never Did Do Blues, our winning entry in the Chicago Film Race?  Its a rollicking animated zombie musical, done by folks who still know what thats supposed to mean.  You can Vote Here.

Very Clever at Bughouse


Be aware: Very Clever has submitted a film to Bughouse’s Movie Night. The details are above, and if you’re a filmmaker yourself submissions are still open. Come by Thursday Dec. 3 for some shorts, some beers, and a raffle.

Another Race Run

If you follow our tweets you’ll know that this weekend Very Clever was participating again Film Racing’s Nationwide 100 Hour Grand Prix. Keep checking here to find out when you can view the product of our efforts. I’ll just say there was an organ.

Very Clever has previously entered the Grand Prix. Our 2008 entry The Flip Side received an Honorable Mention, and 2007′s Hope Hath No Halflife was awarded First Runner Up.

Crashing the Super Bowl: Jeff’s Brain

Nothing’s worse than having a roommate eat all your Doritos. Especially if that roommate borrows your mouth to do it.

One of three spots we made as entries to Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, in an attempt to win lots of money. This one, of course, builds on some of our previous work in the area of talking brain comedy.

Crashing the Super Bowl: Chip off the Old Block

A man who has become too emotionally attached to his Doritos learns a harsh lesson.

One of three spots we made as entries to Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, in an attempt to win lots of money. This idea came up about 2 hours before we shot it, after we had cast off a few previous ideas for being either predictable, difficult to film, or just not quite funny enough.

Zombies Win!

We’re proud to announce that Very Clever’s The Never Did Do Blues has been named Best Film of the 2009 Chicago Film Race.  The film was also awarded Best Writing, Best Original Music Score[tie], and Best Sound Design[tie].  The Never Did Do Blues now moves on to the national competition where it will compete with the winners of every citywide Film Race of 2009.  You can see the full list of the Chicago winners here.

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