Klingon Kiss Me Karaoke

Another project for Improvised Star Trek, we recently produced a music video of a Klingon translation of Sixpence None the Richer’s 90s Pop hit: Kiss me. Inspired by an episode of Improvised Star Trek, translated by the Klingon Christmas Carol, and performed with perfection by Jen Usellis, the video became a minor viral hit, garnering over 100,00 views in the first two weeks an getting featured on a wide range of sites including, but not limited to, Buzzfeed, MTV Geek, Conan O’Brien, and Gizmodo(France).

Its a Wonderful Trek

Every year Chicago’s Commedia Beauregard presents a Christmas classic reimagine for the 24th Century, the Klingon Christmas Carol. This year Improvised Star Trek wrote a short video to be part of Klingon the preshow, and Very Clever produced it. Enjoy, and check out Klingon Xmas through Dec. 30th.

The Princesses of Iowa

We were thrilled to be able to produce the trailer for Chicago author M.Molly Backes’ new YA book The Princesses of Iowa! Check it out!


Hold from very clever media on Vimeo.

Originally created for the 2012 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project, “Hold” is a film about a man dealing with loss and an automated support system.

mix it up

The Mixer is a weekly show at the Playground Theatre where. ¬†Well, why don’t we let the video we made for them explain:

A Very Clever Offbeat Bride

Offbeat Bride, an “ongoing celebration of couples who dare to walk off the beaten aisle” has featured the Steampunk Save the Date we produced for Sean Kelley & Chelsea Ives on their blog.
You can check out the other unique videos couples used to announce their nuptials here.

Steampunk Save the Date

This September friends of Very Clever Sean Kelley and Chelsea Ives are having a Steampunk-themed wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. Obviously, a Save the Date video with Tesla Coils and Zeppelins was in order.

You can follow Sean & Chelsea’s adventures at their blog Frakking Shiny.
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Very Clever has produced a new video promo for New Leaf Theatre‘s upcoming production, Lighthousekeeping.

For more information, and to buy tickets, head to http://newleaftheatre.org/

a lot of phasers in the fire

that would actually be pretty dangerous. Regardless, Very Clever has been hard at work producing podcast episodes for Improvised Star Trek, a Chicago improv troupe taking their space-based comedy to the final frontier of of the internet. And yes, you might notice a certain amount of overlap between Very Clever and the IST cast.

You can subscribe to the podcast, to get another new episode ever week by clicking here.

A Very Classic Short

Take note! Very Clever’s 2007 award winning short Sing O’Muse is now on the site. Its one of our favorites, and the only one to include a cheerful ditty about the brutal sacking of a city. And we made it only 12 hours! Enjoy.

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