Klingon Kiss Me Karaoke

Another project for Improvised Star Trek, we recently produced a music video of a Klingon translation of Sixpence None the Richer’s 90s Pop hit: Kiss me. Inspired by an episode of Improvised Star Trek, translated by the Klingon Christmas Carol, and performed with perfection by Jen Usellis, the video became a minor viral hit, garnering over 100,00 views in the first two weeks an getting featured on a wide range of sites including, but not limited to, Buzzfeed, MTV Geek, Conan O’Brien, and Gizmodo(France).

mix it up

The Mixer is a weekly show at the Playground Theatre where. ¬†Well, why don’t we let the video we made for them explain:

Steampunk Save the Date

This September friends of Very Clever Sean Kelley and Chelsea Ives are having a Steampunk-themed wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. Obviously, a Save the Date video with Tesla Coils and Zeppelins was in order.

You can follow Sean & Chelsea’s adventures at their blog Frakking Shiny.
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Very Clever has produced a new video promo for New Leaf Theatre‘s upcoming production, Lighthousekeeping.

For more information, and to buy tickets, head to http://newleaftheatre.org/

Chicago Politics

Sadly, Chicago Alderman Ed Bus failed to garner the necessary votes to force Rahm Emanuel into a run-off, ending his Very Clever endorsed bid for Chicago Mayor.

Very Clever is proud of our contribution to Alderman Bus’ candidacy, and all Ed Bus videos can be seen at 53rdward.com and Schadenfreude.net.

Ed Bus Shovels Out Chicago

Another campaign video for Alderman Ed Bus, from Schadenfreude.net and Very Clever. Enjoy.

Ed Bus for Mayor

Very Clever is please to offer its endorsement for Chicago’s upcoming Mayoral Election, 53 Ward Alderman Ed Bus. We were lucky enough to be able to work with Schadenfreude as they followed the long-time Alderman on his campaign.

To view the videos, and to follow Ed’s campaign for mayor, head to Schadenfreude.net

complete your set

For completions sake, please enjoy the final two promos Very Clever did for Improvised Star Trek. This past Saturday was the season one finale of Improvised Star Trek marking the departure of their beloved Captain Julius Valentine Baxter:

The crew is still waiting for his replacement to be assigned, leaving in charge First Officer Corbomite Hayes:

The second season of Improvised Star Trek begins April 24th at the iO Theater.

You’re Welcome

They say success has many fathers, but surely no one has done more* than Very Clever Productions to bring a guarantee of health care to all americans. To celebrate the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Very Clever would like reshare our finalist entry into Organizing For America’s Health Reform Video Challenge.

You’re Welcome America.

*in actuality, many have done much more.

Boldly cross promoting…

Some more recent videos promos produced for the Improvised Star Trek.

Check it out live, Saturdays at Midnight at the iO.

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