Its a Wonderful Trek

Every year Chicago’s Commedia Beauregard presents a Christmas classic reimagine for the 24th Century, the Klingon Christmas Carol. This year Improvised Star Trek wrote a short video to be part of Klingon the preshow, and Very Clever produced it. Enjoy, and check out Klingon Xmas through Dec. 30th.

The Princesses of Iowa

We were thrilled to be able to produce the trailer for Chicago author M.Molly Backes’ new YA book The Princesses of Iowa! Check it out!

The Outlaw Josiah B

A few old college pals contacted us a while back with an idea to shoot a Titular Head* style short film to take back to the Grinnell Reunion Weekend. We jumped at the chance.

Nick traveled to Grinnell with the film’s creators – the Janson siblings: Tor, Per, and Lara – to direct, shoot, and play the villian. Jeremy edited and did the sound design (leaning on the classic work of Ennio Morricone).

The film premiers tonight in Grinnell, but you can watch it below. Fair warning: if you didn’t attend Grinnell, you might not get many of the references.

Watch for the stellar guest appearance of Grinnell Professor (and Nihilist?) Erik Simpson.

The Outlaw Josiah B from very clever media on Vimeo.

* Titular Head is a Grinnell College tradition with a long, storied history, evolving sometime in the nineties to a student film festival celebrating, primarily, Grinnell in-jokes.

Film Racing Updates

The results are in for the 2009 Film Race, and The Never Did Do Blues was awarded 5th Place nationally. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

Un Duet Dans les Nuages(A Duet in the Clouds) has been named one of the top 20 films of the Film Race Grand Prix, voting is still open here.

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